Alice Group

Alice Group  is a Biopharmaceutical Company conducting research and development on bioactive compounds from microalgae for medical purposes, develop novel anti-cancer medicine, fish vaccine, fish feed and cosmetics.

Alice Group is currently dedicated to the following main focus areas in microalgae research:

Fish vaccine

  • Microalgae is expected to have great potential for reduction of fish illness through oral vaccination. The Alice Group is searching for effective fish vaccine based on microalgae and utilization of astaxanthin for the development of novel fish vaccine.

Microalgae screening

  • Continuous screening of new microalgae strains to identify bioactive effects and possible new products.
  • Bioactive effects on human or animal cells by commercially available bioassays.
  • Collect and isolate new microalgae cultures for use in screening and for product development purposes.
  • DNA and/or RNA sequencing and search for analogous compounds to previously known effects.
  • Maintain microalgae culture collections. (the Alice Group collection)
  • Establish and maintain a biobank of human cells for screening.

Medical cancer research

  • Perform research and development of bioactive compounds from microalgae for inhibition of cancer metastasis and develop novel anti-cancer medicine.


Alice Group is member of the ShareLab community; ShareLab is a launchpad for entrepreneurs and start-ups aiming to develop new products and services based on life science and biotechnology.