Algae is the original life form and the basis for all life on Earth and the microalgae are particularly attractive as natural sources of bioactive molecules.

The algae cultivation consumes carbon dioxide CO2 and releases oxygen O2. These algae have the potential to produce compounds in cultures which enables the production of structurally complex molecules which are difficult or impossible to produce by chemical synthesis.

Alice Group’s high quality algae products and indoor raceway solution are highly innovative and reduces contamination issues to an absolute minimum.

Our environmental friendly facilities has access to low cost electricity produced from renewable resources. Abundance of fresh cold water and instant hot water enables enhanced temperature of the cultivation process for all stages of the post processing.

The production plant concept is based on a continuous production 24/7 all year round and enables dramatic increase in production per square meter. To maximize growth of the algae an ideal indoor environment is created – using unique natural resources, Alice growth system, artificial growth light and geothermal heat.